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Kerstin Parlow

Grabungen im Delta

Betreff: Re: send copy to-hi

Datum: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 17:51:09 +0100

Von: joerg bostroem <jbostroem@gmx.de

An: k.parlow@gmx.de

hi, if you cannot write, sent pictures - if you do ´nt find pictures, sent ideas, if you have no ideas, try to live as you are. if i get pictures, i do the rest. i am trying to start a last projekt in my little town as a good by, a good bye to the place where i lived for thirty years. just to build up some paperlight monument and something to exchange with other people in the region. i feel like like a junky who is anable to stop his promotion attitude - sorry, that i tried to force you to things which are not yours in the last weeks.

i think, i should wait, until something come from cairo. waitung for me is to do other things meanwile, if you do ´nt want do do something with cairo do other things and be what you are - but do `nt forget anything.


Betreff: still trying Datum: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 18:23:37 +0200 (MEST)

Von: k.parlow@gmx.de An: jbostroem@gmx.de

thinking myself out of the window onto the field again. reality on an excarvation, what is that like, you asked. reality in fife million sherds sleeping in a shelf. time and knowledge may turn them into amphoras again. with lotusflowers painted in blue. reality is sitting next to bush with an orange. the flesh to feed the body, the seeds for dreaming. maybe there'll be trees growing from them next year. lots of "maybe" and "anyways" around. the sun makes you dizzy after an hour and you just keep on working. taking the skin off the soil. exposing a house with twelf rooms to this very different now, well, at least the shape of the walls. you draw it, every brick of every wall. you photograph it, you measure and describe it and keep records. someday someone may find out again what the use of this building was. and until then i guess you just hope and dream that it was something special. at night you wake up from the sound of rain falling onto soil. you know it will destroy the work and you can't do anything about it. looking for answers of some sort down and back in time. lost instead of not found yet. it needs quite a lot of questions and a hungry soul to come here. i would say for myself. about them scientists i am not quite sure. i am looking at what they do just the way they're looking into the soil. and after it's dark someone may tell a story about a snake with a body of gemstones. it feels good, to be here, that's all i know for certain. my train will leave in an hour. an old friend is going to marry. so many different worlds around at the same time.